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  • "I am the proud owner of one of Mikki's beautiful creations and I couldn't be happier. I often have people come through my house and there have been many favourable comments ..."
    Stunning Art Work

Hi welcome to my website.  I am a predominantly self taught artist.  I have been painting and exhibiting my work for the last 13 years.  I have developed changing styles over the years and believe that as I grow and change so does my art.  I have a strong spiritual basis for my ideas and when I am connected to this I see that I do my best work.

Some my other artworks are displayed in albums in my online photo gallery here and are for sale (unless otherwise tagged).  I also do commissioned pieces.

Thank you for visiting my website

PROCESS PAINTING - My new business adventure

What is Process Painting?

Process painting as I understand it and will facilitate it requires no skills or training in art. I am not about teaching you how to "paint" or teaching you techniques. My clients are asked to let go of any attachment or self imposed expectations when they create their artworks, instead you will be encouraged to experience your own creativity no matter what colour shape or design it presents.

I am also not an art therapist and I will gently encourage you to stay out of any analysis or meaning to your art expressions so you can experience and awaken your own inner creative.

There are no mistakes, judgments or critiquing in process painting, of your own or others work. Your process is respected. 

Workshops, single classes and group classes for Adults, Children, Couples and Community Organisations.  On the Gold Coast Queensland.

Contact me for further information at [email protected] or Phone 0415372692

Or visit my facebook page


ULURU  - Commissioned

Chair - SOLD

Commissions taken

SOLDClick here to edit title.


122cm x 41cm

Posca Pens and Acrylic


"I Look Up Into the Night Sky"

122cm x 41cm

Acrylic and Posca Pen

Lucky Door Prize from my Art Exhibition at 
Want Jewellery Southport (exhibition closed May 2016)


And Through Vincent's Fingers Poured A Handful of Sand

6.5cm  x 60cm x 4


Up the Hill Backwards

91cm x 91cm


When She Walks By
    121cm x 91cm


Way Out Back

 91cm x 91cm


Checkout and "like"  my facebook page "Mikki"